Err on the Side of Action

Many times when I want to start something new, there is a deep hesitation within me.

Questions start to bubble up from my subconscious about what might happen, how I might not know what to do, and how I will actually be able to do what I plan to.

I find these questions are like a smoke alarm from the fear center of my brain. They scream at me to be cautious, conservative and realistic.

What I have discovered is that they are actually lying to me.

All human beings have a strong inclination towards normality. We fight against the world and ourselves to stay the same person we’ve become.

One trick I’ve learned to short circuit this natural fear programming is to simply take action.

Many years ago, I learned about the ‘corridor principle’ from speaker and author Brian Tracy. It was an idea originally conceived by Robert Ronstadt after a 12 year study of Entrepreneurship.

His study found that those who launched into action, began walking down a ‘corridor’ in their life. Along the way, new doors of opportunity opened that could not have been accessed if they hadn’t started walking down the corridor.

I have found this to be very true in my life.

Whenever I start taking an action towards a goal, along the path to the goal I find new people, new opportunities and new lessons that all help me achieve it. More than this, I also end up changing who I am in the process.

The key to finding these new people, ideas or opportunities is starting.
The key to starting is to ‘err on the side of action’.

What this means is that when you face a decision of doing something or not doing it… choose to do it.

Take an action, even if it leads to a mistake. The mistake will lead you to a place that is closer to your goal than if you do nothing.

(Of course, I am suggesting this in context of achieving a goal, I don’t mean you should blindly take action if you have the opportunity to do something immoral or illegal. But within the realms of your everyday life, if you choose to act, it usually brings you more benefits than not acting.)

The benefit of choosing to act is that it grows your courage. The more action you take, the easier it gets to take more action.

All the exciting, interesting, life affirming experiences I have had came from taking action. Not once has waiting or hiding at home hoping made me into a better person.

If you have something in your mind that you want to do, but the fear alarms are telling you not to… ignore them.

Err on the side of action. Life will reward your courage.


6 thoughts on “Err on the Side of Action

  1. totally agree…. but I can’t take the action needed unless I risk another trip to jail …those restraining orders are a major hurdle …especially when there never should have been one granted ….


    1. Thanks for sharing, Shasi. That is the next challenge: staying consistent and focused on what is important is a discipline that we all have to work on. I will aim to write more on this topic in future posts 🙂 – DMS


  2. Hi there! I love every article I’ve read of yours. That being said, you’ve only been on my radar for an hour or so. It’s the best feeling to accidentally stumble upon something wonderful and uplifting on the internet. Based on what I’ve read thus far, we share a very similar outlook on life. It’s encouraging to know there are people out there who are positive, unapologetic for being authentic and genuine, & choose to embrace the things in life that truly matter. So, thanks! You have a new fan ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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