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The Rise of Binge Culture
We live today in a culture that allows us unlimited entertainment. But does binging Netflix TV shows have an adverse affect? Are we actually reducing our enjoyment by overindulging?


Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?
Most people today are constantly in arms reach of an internet device such as a computer or smartphone. It’s become such a part of everyday society that most people wouldn’t think that they might be ‘addicted’ to internet use. But are there actually signs that you might actually be addicted to the internet?


Full Focus Forward
When you focus on where you are going, you seem to attract the life you want towards you. It’s like your focus and your goals act as magnets, and opportunities arrive in front of you. The stronger your forward focus becomes, the quicker you begin to move onwards and upwards.


How To Build A Strong Ego
Ego is neither good nor bad, it simply is a part of you. If you use your identity or persona as a crutch, the ego will start to limit your success. If you use your ego as a way to learn to be better, it can become a powerful secret weapon.

You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone
No matter how good of a person you might be, there will be people with whom you can’t get along. It’s not a match, and that’s just how it is. One lesson I’ve had to learn is to stop trying to perpetuate relationships that are over. Letting go of expired relationships is a skill you have to learn if you want to grow.