Give Up

When was the last time you quit something? 

Was it a good feeling to give up? Or was it a struggle to stop?

Very often the starting of anything new is a celebrated event. We have groundbreaking ceremonies and launch parties. We like the idea that there is a new hope and are enthusiastic about the prospects.

Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, we rarely celebrate giving up on something.

The word ‘quit’ has a negative connotation. We typically see it as a form of failure or resignation. Yet, I believe this is an incorrect assumption.

I have come to understand that in order to achieve the bigger things, you have to give up on small things in your life.

What I’ve noticed, is that the more small things I give up, the easier it becomes to live a successful and fulfilling life.

Today in our always-connected world, we are bombarded with new people, activities, and entertainment. Because of this, there is a tendency to be constantly starting new things.

But rather than thinking about starting, I believe that it almost better to have a solid focus on giving up.

Whenever I have an ambition to do something big in my life, the big question really becomes ‘What am I willing to give up to achieve this?’

The people in life we admire the most, are masters at giving up. They stop doing the things that are fun, easy, relaxing, distracting or conventional. This leaves space for them to do the work that is required to achieve the higher level goals they have.

I actually think what we admire most about high achievers is their self-discipline. Their willingness to forgo the easy path and wait for something better. We instinctively know that this is hardest part and admire them for their willingness to face it.

Whenever I am about to start a new routine or a new project I now ask what must be given up to make it a reality. If I am not really willing to give up on the smaller things, I know that my bigger goal will remain out of reach.

Before you get started, you must be willing to give up.
It’s the only way to get what you want.


2 thoughts on “Give Up

  1. I completely agree with you. My husband and I were just talking about this in the last few days – We’ve come to the realization that we need to replace our HVAC system sooner rather than later (of course, when the heat and humidity start to climax!), so we know now that we can’t take a big vacation like we did last year for our wedding anniversary in the fall. But, we’re willing to give that up for a year in order to have adequate air conditioning!

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