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The True Cost of Ambitions

Someone once said ‘the true cost of ambition is loneliness’. I believe that whenever we have ambitions we have to risk the criticism and negativity of people around us who don’t share our goals and dreams. In this video I explore the true cost of ambition and how we can still achieve our goals despite what other people think.

Should You Share Your Goals with Others?

Should you share your goals with others? Should you tell other people your goals and plans in life? There are lot of videos out there that say that you should not share your goals with others. But I think sometimes you SHOULD share your goals with the right people.

How to Get Over Negative Emotions

If you are struggling to deal with negative emotions, you are not alone. One of the toughest things in life is to control your emotions when you are feeling frustrated, disappointed, angry, upset, depressed, or dejected. Even at the age of 44, I still find it hard to overcome negative emotions and negative feelings at times.

How to Be Kind and Strong

Can you be kind and strong with people in your life? Yes, I believe it is possible if you have the right mindset and approach. There is a lot of information out there about how to be a kind person, but not a lot about having good boundaries and not getting taken advantage of when being too nice or too kind.

The Mire of Making Meaning

Making too much meaning is a real trap we all face. If you are a person who likes self improvement and personal development, then you are likely falling into the trap of making meaning. Choosing the wrong meaning for ourselves, or our lives means we are stuck. We are trapped behind a filter of our own creation.

Accepting Your Flaws and Moving Forward

Accepting your flaws is a tough thing to get a handle on no matter who you are. Everybody has flaws and things that they don’t like about themselves. Whether they are physical flaws, emotional flaws, or mental flaws, all of us start behind others in some way. The sooner we learn to accept our flaws, the easier and more enjoyable life becomes.