On The Daily

This is a simple idea, but one that is very hard to follow. At least in the beginning.

What I have discovered in the past few weeks is that anything you are serious about achieving or changing is much easier to accomplish when you work on it every day.

What I am starting to understand is that life is very transactional in some respects. The more you do something, the better you get at it, and the better results you achieve.

I know I’m not saying anything profound here, but I’m writing this as a way to remind myself (and hopefully you too) that daily action is the most powerful way to make progress.

Recently, I started a new project I named ‘Fit Camp’ which is a 30-day challenge to slim down, and fit into a pair of tailored pants. I decided to share the story of my daily activity on my Instagram Stories as a way of keeping myself accountable. The rules are pretty simple: I workout at my gym every day, for 30 mins and burn 300 calories. That’s it.

Why did I decide to do it every day? Because in the past, I have tried doing three workouts a week, or alternating days, but honestly, I always find a reason not to do it.

I realized that, for me, the only way to stay on track was to have no possible excuses. No matter if I am sick, busy, sleep deprived, whatever. I have to do 30 minutes and 300 calories every day.

And so it began. On the daily.

The first two weeks were painful. Despite a lot of encouragement from friends, and pep talks to myself, around the 5th day my body was fighting me. My mind was telling me I was overdoing it. I wanted to take off just one day. But I didn’t. I kept doing it daily.

Around the 12th day, something happened. My mind started to align with my new behavior. My daily repeated action began to create a different identity that wanted to work out. I could almost feel the gym calling to me.

Currently, I am only on day 19, and I realize this daily workout habit is now a part of who I am. It’s a non-negotiable. I am now a person who works out every day. It’s not the most balanced approach to life, but it is getting me the results I want.

I once heard that Michael Phelps said he didn’t miss a day of training in 5 years. That is an impressive achievement. But it is also smart. Because in the daily routines, there is a sense of flow. The resistance and friction are gone, and the action itself is easier.

When doing something daily, you have no room for excuses. You can’t spend time rationalizing why you should or shouldn’t do something. Because you know you’re going to do it. The habit has a gravity of its own that makes it much easier.

I am now brainstorming new goals that will form part of my next 30-day challenge. The whole reason for the 30-day challenges is to implement new daily routines into my business. Not weekly routines, daily routines.

In today’s society, we hear a lot about life balance. That finding a happy medium between work, play, fun, and fulfillment is more important than anything else. I am starting to understand this works as a concept but not in reality.

If you are serious about making a change in your life, I believe the very best way for that to happen is to do it every day. Find a small action that you can repeat every single day that will make you better. Be extreme at first until it locks. Don’t let yourself stop.

The success you seek is found in daily actions.
Go get it, today.


2 thoughts on “On The Daily

  1. Habits are powerful. I began building one myself around the same time as you. It’s to interact with my smartphone in the morning only after meditation. Well, this means… Morning Pages, stretching, exercise, bath, breakfast, prepare kids snacks for school, making my bed, meditate and then picking up the smartphone. Transformative.

    1. That is great Miguel! That is an excellent habit to cultivate! A few years ago I started sleeping with my cellphone out of the bedroom. It helps a great deal to wake up naturally and start the day effectively! Well done your new DAILY habit! I am sure your family is positive feeling affects as well – DMS

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