The Lens of Fear

Why is the world so seemingly obsessed with violence? With fear? With finding ways to make us separate instead of being united?

What if this wasn’t the reality we lived in? What if this was just an illusion that was being held up in front of us?

When we look at the world through a certain lens it feels like these horrific events, these baneful stories happen all day and all night. If feels like there’s nothing we can do.

Yet these tragedies and misfortunes aren’t the whole of life. They are important for us to know about, to learn from and to help each other to move past.

Our lives are also full of wonderful moments. Moments of connection, of breakthrough, of progress that get overshadowed by the fear.

The media is a machine. Nobody controls it directly. It is controlled by our thirst for fear. We crave fear because we’ve been taught to. 

But you are not a victim of the media. You are a consumer of it. You consume and choose to absorb the message by choice. In this way you have more power over the media than you realize.

If you look for a way to be terrified, you will find one. If you look for a way to make an enemy you will find one.

But you can also flip it over. If you look for inspiration, connection and belief in the human spirit, it is right in front of you.

You can choose to see the world in a balanced way. Bad things happen, and life is difficult. But this is not the whole story. The story of life is story of balanced struggle. Of pain and triumph. Of loss and love. Of human beings striving to make the world the best they can.

Join the story of hope, and make yourself part of it.

The fear is an illusion. But your power is real.


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