The Return

For the past two years, I feel like I have been stuck in the wilderness. 

A wilderness of distractions, that is.

With the onset of Covid and the lockdowns that happened, as a result, I lost my way.

Before 2020, I felt like I was on a path that matched my talents with my aspirations.

I delivered speeches, wrote frequently, and shared self-development ideas in audio and video formats. 

I was in line with my true purpose: to help others gain clarity and to find their way to improve their lives.

But somehow, being stuck at home for most of 2020, I forgot what I was supposed to do with my life. I got waylaid by entertainment, attempting to build a business during a pandemic, and trying to maintain my social life the best I could. On top of that, my relationship at the time fell apart. Life kind of pulled the rug out from under me, and I started to forget what I was meant to be doing.

To be clear: I am not resentful for falling off the path in the years of 2020-2021. However, recently, I started to feel a sense of malaise. 

In the first half of 2022, I have been burning myself out trying to reach my financial goals in business while ignoring my true purpose.

But just this past few weeks, I had some rude awakenings in business that made me see that I was on the wrong path. It’s not that I haven’t achieved success there; rather that the success I’ve achieved made me feel empty. 

We all have a choice in life whether or not we follow our heart’s callings. We all know what we should be doing, what we are meant to be doing, but it’s not always what we end up doing.

The past two years were an excellent excuse to ignore our life callings, hide our true selves, and give in to inertia and complacency.

The other day I heard a podcast interview with Malcolm Gladwell discussing his views about the way remote work has begun reducing the quality of our lives overall. He said something confronting and profound that stuck with me:

“What have you reduced your life to?”

That phrase hit me hard. The truth of my life these past two years is that I have started to forget who I am meant to be. I’ve become a reduced version of myself.

I spent ten years cultivating the ability to speak and finding the courage to share personal development ideas that I love. And that is what I need to devote the rest of my career to. 

Business is a means of survival for me. I’m not going to shut down my business tomorrow or become a monk. But it’s time to be real: it’s not my passion. I’ve worked in several different careers over the past 20 years that have brought me above-average success. But none make my heart sing like speaking, writing, and sharing personal development ideas.

This blog has been dormant for almost a year now. Well, it’s time to bring it (and my true purpose) back to life.

Expect to read more from me every week. 
Expect more videos, audios, and live speeches.
Expect the true me to emerge from the ashes and rise again.

It’s time to return to who I am meant to be.

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