Thoughts on Kindness

One thing I commonly hear when people describe my personality is that I am kind.

When I was younger, this was very embarrassing to me. I always wanted to be a cool guy, I wanted to be a tough guy, I wanted to be anything except kind.

But like it or not, kindness is simply a part of my character.

For me, I think it is both genetic and learned. My mother is kind-hearted and shows it outwardly. My dad is more of the tough-love type, but his heart is full of kindness.

Growing up, and well into my early adult years, I assumed that most people were the same way. However, I finally realized that this isn’t the case. 

People have degrees of kindness in them. Sometimes it’s due to a personality trait, sometimes life has worn them down and they can’t generate kindness anymore.

Whatever the cause, I believe it’s a shame when someone can’t find a way to be kind.

I believe that kindness is a strength. It is a sort of temperance that builds the more we use it.

The best leaders in the world have kindness at their core. They are strong in their actions, yet kindness drives their decisions. We respect them for this reason.

Kindness can sometimes be mistaken for weakness. But this is not accurate. A child is not weak because they are kind. An adult who chooses kindness as their way of treating others is showing incredible strength.

There have been times in my life where I have become angry, almost bitter. Life has served me up some difficult situations, or people have chosen to treat me poorly. Even in these situations, I have found that I can rely on my kindness to show me the right way to behave.

As much as it is tempting to be cruel or attempt to hurt another person, the truth is it makes you weak. No matter how much I may want to hurt, it seems that my kindness stops me.

 On the rare occasion where I do hurt someone, even accidentally, my kindness drives me to make it right.

The word Kind comes from the Germanic word cynde, which originally meant ‘the natural order’. 

I believe that this is very accurate.

Kindness is the natural order of human interaction and connection. No matter how hurt someone is, kindness can heal. No matter how angry, kindness can calm them.

Kindness is a source of personal power. I believe that it may be one of the most omnipotent forces known to mankind.

If you want to show the world you are strong, use kindness.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Kindness

  1. Hi There, I totally agree with this post of yours and I love it. In a word where negative seems to have and extreme hold, the good positive qualities seem to be seen as weak. But they are not they are your strength. I totally agree with this. I your natural nature stops you from doing wrong and one should never change to fit into a crowd. Gandhi said, have the courage to stand alone if the crowd is going in the wrong direction.

    Thanks for follow . I love this post of yours.
    Regards Bella

    1. Wow, Bella thank you so much for your comment and kind words. You seem like a wonderful kind-hearted person and I resonate with what you said. Thanks for sharing. – DMS

  2. Wonderful article – thank you. Wholeheartedly agree. Kindness I believe is an aspect of our natural essential nature. It always brings people together as a connecting force.

    The Dalia Lama says, “My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness”. So beautifully simple.

    Kindness for me sums up my spiritual practice – it can include, warmth, friendliness, generosity, keeping clear healthy boundaries and so much more.

    Look out for a wonderful book called The Power Of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci.

    Thank again for lovely, personal writing.

    Neal 🙂

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