Who should you listen to?

We are all told throughout our lives that listening is important. That we should ‘listen twice as much as we talk’.

I believe this is a good rule, as it makes others feel respected, and you’ll learn quite a lot by simply closing your mouth for a while.

Yet, I’ve also realized over the years that it’s important to do selective listening when it comes to advice you receive.

Giving advice is much easier than actually being an example of something.

Many people are willing to tell you what you should/should not do, and why it’s a good idea. What I have come to see is that very often these people aren’t in the best position to give you the actual advice you need. They might mean well, but that isn’t going to help you.

There is really only one way to know whether you should listen to the advice of someone: ask yourself if they are where you want to be.

If the person giving you advice doesn’t have the skill, success or position you want for yourself, then I’ve learned to take the advice sparingly. I’ll always acknowledge the person for their desire to help, but in my own time I will consider whether their advice is taking me to a place I want to go.

Following the advice of those who are where you want to be is a huge leverage point. I’ve moved ahead so much faster by seeking out those who have I want and asking them directly for advice. Most of the time they are amazingly willing to help you.

The actions a person takes in their life are the true indicator of their beliefs.

Who you should listen to? Only those who are where you want to be.

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