Your actions tell the truth about you

Instead of listening to a person’s words, I have learned to watch their behavior.

I do this because human beings have the ability to talk a big game and not follow through.

Unlike animals, we have a unique ability to bullshit. We can lie to others, and we can even lie to ourselves.

The only true indicator of who a person truly is, is what they do consistently.

I talk to a lot of people who have big goals and plans in their lives. They are excited, motivated and want to change. Yet, when I watch their behavior week after week, month after month, sometimes I see a different person.

Very often they will not show up when they need to, or they will stop doing something consistently. These behaviors are displaying who they truly are. They are an inconsistent person who is telling the world a lie.

I realize this sounds harsh, and that’s because it is: you can’t escape the fact that your actions tell the truth about you.

I am not exempt from this rule. My daily, week and yearly actions tell the truth about me.  When I was younger, I was very guilty of talking a big game, and not following through. In this phase of my life, I am very focused on taking the actions that are consistent with creating the life I want.

Honestly, sometimes this sucks. I’d love to be lazy and inconsistent in my behavior. I’d love to make excuses instead of finding a way to make it work.

But I have reached a point in my life where I can’t do that to myself, or the people who are important to me anymore.

What I have noticed is that nothing builds trust with others like doing what you say you will do.

Talking a big game impresses nobody. You are better to shut your mouth, show up, and show the world that you are who you say you are.


5 thoughts on “Your actions tell the truth about you

  1. I totally agree – and it’s never more evident than in the work place. The people who quietly go about their job usually achieve more than the ones who do little it and shout about all they’ve achieved. Those are the unreliable ones. Be known for being quietly efficient I say 🙂

    1. So motivational, but thinking out loud, at a certain level publicity is all about telling words, it is about promoting your work, good or bad. Think about the money they spend on advertising unhealthy products or about the ideal plans and promises they give during the campaigns. I think that your good work may remain hidden if you quietly go about your job

      1. That is an excellent point, and one to consider. However I think that words that aren’t backed up with consistent behavior tend to destroy trust. I think that goes for brands as much as for people. Thank you for the comment and insight 🙂 – DMS

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